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Folks this is Why i didn't want to date a guy with a porn problem. It builds and just like drinking/drugging a don't get the same dopamine hit so you have to do it more/go more into extreme porn/go to a more live fix then before you know are visiting hookers. husband 30 year habit with porn lead him here. I won't say all porn users end up addicts just like not all people who take drugs end up addicts...but they scientifically know porn lights up the brain on scans just like heroin and it is more addictive the younger people start using it . Trust me, I don't want to date any guys into porn. Even if I end up living alone with a pack of dogs. 🙄

Beckdawrek, I think I do but I don't know if I know everything now. He let me believe for a year it was just porn. Then he didnt disclose everything in the full disclosure so we had to do another one a couple days later. And then he forgot to mention another inner circle violation after i moved back i. 40 days later. . I am going to ask for a polygraph and go from there. This is pretty common. with addicts.