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My drive to and from work takes me through a fairly exclusive area... an NFL owner, the inventor of voice mail, etc. so I tend to see some pretty exotic cars on a semi regular basis (including an Enzo once).

The last couple of days though I saw a couple that caught my eye. There was a nice blue car in my side mirror approaching that I saw and I was trying to figure out if it was a Ferrari or a Lotus. It got along side of me and I realized it was a Pontiac Fiero GT from the mid 80's. Say what you will about the performance, it was still a pretty car. I did laugh a bit though when I realized that my "exotic" spotting was an old Pontiac. Looked just like this

The other was only a few blocks from my house, and I don't know the exact make or model, but it was a Japanese Mini Truck... complete with the right hand drive. It had writing on it which I couldn't read as we went past, but I figure this is the definition of a "small business." It sounded like a moped.

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