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My god. It's so light. And the neck is thinner. It's like a miata. The place where you plug the cord in is a little rough, but hey. And the case is lockable and it came with a free cord. And it's so. freaking. rich and shiny looking. Well, off to set it up.

But it's half the weight of the Fender. That thing's like a V-8 Mustang and this is a Miata. On the other hand, I've been reading this book...
Please Kill Me, the Uncensored History of Punk Rock. Transcribed oral history by one of the guys from Punk Magazine. Everyone's in it. Lou Reed, Iggy, William S. Burroughs, Sid, Nancy... Patti Smith, Television, Dead Boys, everyone. (Yes, the Ramones are part of everyone)

And I see why they used Fenders. Fenders don't break when you hit people with them.