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Originally Posted by E-Sabbath View Post
Danelectro Honeytone 1watt pocket amp mostly. I'm very pleasantly surprised by it.

It's a great book, because during that period I was _just_ outside all of it. I had a great radio station growing up... Howard Stern was the program director/dj at the time. WRNW. And I listened to all that music at a young age.

And now I finally hooked all the songs up with the people. My god, there was a lot of gay sex in that book.
I don't remember the gay sex standing out any more in the Punk scene as the Beatnik scene or other outsider/artistic scene's - I think of it as a signifier of folks trying to find themselves outside the rules of the system...YMMV and no need to get all deep in a guitar thread. I'm done.

As for the guitar and amp - all I can say is that you should enjoy what you've got and play with it for a while. That particular guitar design is really good for a simple, responsive tone - if you haven't already, when it comes back from Dr. Setup, try playing it with a crunchy tone and the Volume set to about 8.5 and the Tone on about 6. Play some rock and blues, and see if you can find the sweet spot on the Volume control by tweaking down to 7 and up to about 9 - do you hear a marked transition point where it goes from being tame to really beefed up, especially if you are hitting the strings pretty hard? But not so beefed up that it just sounds like fuzzy noise...good beef, like a thicker, Gibson-y tone...

...if the guitar can do that, and if you find the result cool and inspiring, it is pointing you towards certain choices. If you like it, but don't find anything remarkable about that approach vs. dialing up your tone with stompboxes or other approaches, then that points you towards other choices. Neither is better - I am just trying to articulate the process one can go through if you really want to listen to what you are doing and tune your gear to better suit your style over time. LP Specials are a specific kind of knife - they do one type of thing really well vs. Jack of all Trades. Learning if you like that one thing can be insightful...

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