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2nd generation Mexican born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI will make him an American only technically; his identity will be totally different matter. Similarly, while technically true that he was born and raised in Pozarevac that does not make him a Serb as I use the term in its narrow definition to elaborate my theory. His family origin is Montenegro and everyone down there will tell you Milosevic is Montenegrin. As for distinction of Serbs and Montenegrins, please letís not start kicking that trash can.
I agree with you that Milosevic was Montenegrin, but the comparison with Mexican-Americans is not really apt. In the Balkans, families maintain their nationality FOREVER, regardless of their place of birth. I had students in Bulgaria who were born in Bulgaria and their parents were born in Bulgaria and everyone they were related to was born in Bulgaria - and they were still Turkish. Not Turkish-Bulgarian, just Turks who happened to live in Bulgaria and have Bulgarian citizenship.

Nationality in the Balkans just doesn't work the way it does in the US.