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Originally Posted by Capitaine Zombie View Post
That's weird, you'd think for people still hating Turkey, identifying themselves with Muslims over Westerners in a conflict would sound strange. Anything to do with the Turkey-Israel axis? Or is it because the Palestinian conflict can not help but remind them of their own struggles against Turkey?

P.S: BTW, Brainglutton , you said "Why? How many Jews are there in Greece today anyway?", that's weird. I dont think there's a direct relation between antisemitism and having a large Jewish pop.
Greece has had an excellent relationship with the Arab world. Andreas Papandreou who was a prime minister in the 80s and 90s had very very close ties with Arafat, Qaddafi (ah… in retrospect…) and other Arab leaders. The critical distinction is not Greece VS muslims, it is Greece VS Turkey.

Originally Posted by Polerius View Post
[Bolding mine]
I agree that there are a lot of wacky conspiracy theories among Greeks, to an infuriating degree, but the above bolded statement is one of the funniest things I've read all week.

So, someone asked Kissinger if he said something inflammatory/controversial and he denied it? Case closed! It means he never said it!

(I'm not saying that he did make that statement, just the fact that he denies saying it doesn't prove anything)
Ok… I suppose you can say that is the weaker of the available evidence. We all like to gang up on Kissinger about what an evil super villain he is, but when I see him talk about all the controversies he has been involved in he generally tries to explain them somehow in the context of the time, not merely deny he ever said anything. Of course you can correct me if I am wrong.

In any case, there is no evidence he has some indiscriminate anti-Greek grudge. If he was involved in “anti-Greek” actions it was under the umbrella of the indiscriminate anticommunism of the time.