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Originally Posted by Dissonance View Post
That would be a rather bizarre position to take seeing that a US ally, Greece, with backing from the US (political backing and military equipment) would be taking it.
I think Greeks don't feel that they have any political backing from the US. In most disputes with Turkey, it is taken as a fact that the US leans more to the Turkish position than the Greek position, mainly due to the strategic geopolitical location of Turkey, which is much more important to US national interests than Greece is.

During the Cold War, Turkey was bordering the Soviet Union, and so was very useful, and today, Turkey borders Iran/Iraq, which is very useful in today's world.

So, while technically allies, I don't think most Greeks feel that much support from or connection to the US.

(Also, I think Turkey and Israel receive *much* more money in aid each year than Greece does, so that also may make them feel that they are not as buddy-buddy with the US as Turkey and Israel are)