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Let me preface by saying I do not watch Fox News, never have, and have generally assumed that Fox is biased (which it is). I consider myself a centrist and didn't vote for W (voted Dem both times) or Obama (voted Rep/Lib). I have a friend, however, who is conservative and today we were talking about media bias. He mentioned a UCLA study that purported to show that Fox was one of the least biased news sources. I didn't believe him but tonight did some research and here's the study. It's not a slam dunk for Fox but it seems to give credibility to Fox's coverage.

The study has its detractors and this Dope thread slams it without making any realistic counter IMO. However, this study (which apparently involves Harvard researchers) indicates that Fox News was less biased in its 2008 presidential coverage than CNN and MSNBC. A comparison between conservative and liberal talk radio (apparently there are liberal radio shows) indicates that liberal shows are more biased than conservative ones (albeit with relatively few samples).

Both these studies try to make objective comparisons between the news sources. The ratings in the end are subjective, of course, (what consistutes a "negative" article?) but the results are more rigorous than swapping anecdotes, which is what this thread does.

So, according to these studies, the answer to the original question is no--Fox News isn't really that bad. I am, however, data/results driven and if there are other rigorous studies that show the opposite I can be convinced otherwise. (Besides, I'd like to "win" the debate with my friend. *grin*) Are there such studies?

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