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Originally Posted by Deeg View Post
I didn't believe him but tonight did some research and here's the study. It's not a slam dunk for Fox but it seems to give credibility to Fox's coverage.

The study has its detractors and this Dope thread slams it without making any realistic counter IMO.
Four responses to the OP with two of them providing four serious critiques of the actual methodology that Groseclose used and you deem that not a "realistic counter"?

Can you even explain why Groseclose's "methodology" is even considered real?
The original "study" was critiqued quite harshly in this thread a little after it was published. There are the usual partisan shots from the Left, but there are also a number of specific points raised that should demonstrate that Groseclose used utterly silly methods to produce the result he did, (and that it appears he wanted).