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Fox News is popular and successful not because "conservatives" or "Republicans" make it so, or because its viewers blndly believe everything they see. It's popular because all the other "News" is slanted to the left either subtly or overtly and people know it.

People flock to Fox because they want something that isn't the usual center left to far left viewpoint. Really.

When NBC or whomever else tells them the economy is fine and jobs are being created and all that stuff that the White House wants to be put out there, people look around them and see that costs for them are up and too many people they know (perhaps even themselves) either don't have jobs or have "replacement"jobs that are (like 65% of the supposedly post recession jobs) are very much at the low end of the scale, they know or at least feel different. They feel they're being told a whitewahsed truth, or if you prefer, lies and propaganda.

I don't mean to criticize the current adminstration or its policies (though I suppose I could if I wanted to), but what I mean to be saying is that ANY administration would want to say things aren't as bad as they seem and that at least for some areas they're getting better. But for the too many that aren't experiencing better times, the belief is naturally that they're being lied to. And in a sense, they are.

So they go to Fox for some sort of alternative view. And I think they take it with a grain of salt.

What might beat both Fox and the so-called Mainstream Media would be a news channel that was truly impartial and tried to discuss all sides of issues. And which immediately fired reporters who showed signs that they believe they and their personal lives are important to the public.

Alternatively, a conservatively skeptical news channel that wasn't quite as overtly opinionated as Fox currently is what would be more in keeping with the need for people to try to find something other than info-tainers who merely repeat the "Authorized" message from on high.

And I think there it is: Skepticism. People, especially people who tune into Fox, are skeptical of what they're bieng told, either by the government or those in the other networks who do little more than repeat what the government tells them.

You have to admit that when a Fox host takes the wind out of the sails of some government hack (or shill) who is tryng to spin some of the usual BS, it is bound to win a momentary smile from those who feel like they're unempowered.