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Originally Posted by Mr. Milton View Post
When NBC or whomever else tells them the economy is fine and jobs are being created and all that stuff that the White House wants to be put out there, people look around them and see that costs for them are up and too many people they know (perhaps even themselves) either don't have jobs or have "replacement"jobs that are (like 65% of the supposedly post recession jobs) are very much at the low end of the scale, they know or at least feel different. They feel they're being told a whitewahsed truth, or if you prefer, lies and propaganda.
This is one of the biggest problems, I think. Many folks today aren't interested in hearing actual news or in-depth analysis, if it doesn't match their own personal attitudes or what's happening in their lives. If the news reports don't match how they feel, why, then, those left-leaning liberal reporters must be lying! It seems to me there's much less openness to considering that there might be more going on in the nation and the world outside my own situation and neighborhood - and if stories from outside my "bubble" don't match up with how I perceive things, they must be propaganda.

I also think the notion that mainstream media is only repeating administration talking points, while not doing any sort of investigation or reporting, is silly. It's also disingenuous if you're using that notion to defend Fox News, which has its own talking points to repeat and defend ad nauseum.

Originally Posted by Mr. Milton View Post
So they go to Fox for some sort of alternative view. And I think they take it with a grain of salt.
If only this were true. In my experience, almost all Fox News viewers swallow what they are told hook, line and sinker, to the specific exclusion of what other news outlets may report.