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Originally Posted by Mr. Nylock View Post
My point is that as far as I can tell Aceplace is defending sickening behavior, but is that in and of itself wrong? Maybe it is, but the Dope generally is a place where these issues can be discussed in a critical manner; Aceplace does not seem to be going against board norms in his posting, he is just taking a very unpopular view.
Even if that were true, it's just one addition to a posting record that marks aceplace57 as one of the biggest fucking mouth-breathing morons on this board. The guy is a walking testament to ignorance and stupidity.

While ralph124c represents the faux-inquisitive New England version of clueless idiocy on this message board, aceplace57 is the slack-jawed backwoods Arkansas representative. If all of the ill-considered, stupid, badly researched, and poorly articulated threads started by these two separated-at-birth brain donors were removed from the database, it would probably speed up board performance by about fifty percent.