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Originally Posted by Mr. Nylock View Post
I agree with that - I'm as grossed out sickened by this as anyone.

My point is that as far as I can tell Aceplace is defending sickening behavior, but is that in and of itself wrong? Maybe it is, but the Dope generally is a place where these issues can be discussed in a critical manner; Aceplace does not seem to be going against board norms in his posting, he is just taking a very unpopular view.

Is taking an unpopular view and trying to explore it and defend in a logical way a truly pit worthy offense? Perhaps it is, perhaps not YMMV.
Are you retarded?

This isn't just an "unpopular view". An unpopular view would be something like chocolate is gross, or kittens are ugly. This is a guy who said that someone molesting his own sisters is just a horny kid who couldn't help himself. That's not an "unpopular" opinion. That's just downright disturbing.

Not all "opinions" are worthy of being defended. Especially when they're coming from a guy with turds for brains like ace.

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