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NOTHING is private with the Duggars. Nothing. Why the hell should this be?

Dear god I spent years hearing about every stupid detail of Michelle Duggar's menstrual cycle and childbearing choices. The stupid bitch decides to go for child number nineteen and poor Josie's premature birth was all over the news for weeks. For years, many of us have been unable to open a newspaper, go online or even walk past a supermarket checkout line without seeing those dumb bastards smirk at us. For years, they've literally told us every single fucking thing. Every idiotic thought they have. Worse, they have spent the last ten years of their lives demanding we hold them up as moral exemplars. They've also spent that time hiding the abuse.

At the very least the authorities should be entitled to know if anything has happened since then and if efforts have been taken to prevent it from happening again.

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