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I was never a big fan of the original (before the LSC ran the film at MIT, they preceded it with a slide giving Asimov's Laws of Robotics, which sums up many of my objections. Even if you ain't got the Three Laws, you're an idiot if you don't have an "off" switch). Crichton later used the same basic plot for Jurassic Park, showing that he doesn't think engineers can properly build in safety factors. So I'm not over-excited about this. But I'll probably watch, out of curiosity.

One nice thing about Westworld (and its forgettable sequel, Futureworld) is that it gave us another look at Yul Brynner as a kick-ass gunfighter. Whenever Brynner played a western gunman, he wore a black shirt. He did it first in [I[The Magnificent Seven[/I] and then in Catlow before donning the Black Shirt in Westworld and Futureworld. I'll bet we don't get a blackshirted gunslinger robot (or clone or whatever) in this incarnation.