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Originally Posted by Terminus Est View Post
Did anyone catch what was playing on the player piano? It wasn't playing old-timey western saloon music but rather modern tunes. I didn't get clued in until the last song, when it was playing "Black Hole Sun". (The background music to the big gunfight was "Paint It Black", but that wasn't on the player piano.)
I noticed Black Hole Sun and Paint it Black, I didn't notice the music before that. Black Hole Sun made me wonder how far in the future this is set. I didn't know if the expected response from visitors is "oh listen honey it's playing Black Hole Sun," or if this is far enough in the future that it's just some song that most people don't know. They obviously aren't going for total accuracy, the place is like Western movies and not actually like the real old west, but I didn't know if deliberate obvious anachronisms would be inserted like that.