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Originally Posted by ISiddiqui View Post
.... Black Hole Sun was 200 years after the events they are portraying.
Not sure I agree with you math there, Lou. ~1880s to 1994 is 110 years.

I haven't seen the show, but the original movie makes it clear that the robots are for sexin' and killin'. The two primal instincts.

Watching the original with 21st century sensibilities makes me wonder how society should be different that it was shown in the movie. if you have robots that can simulate sex well enough that people would prefer it, that is very advanced tech. The skin, the temperature, the movement all have to be right. (I mean yes they are guys who will fuck a hole in a tree, but they aren't paying Westworld prices!). If you can make believable sexbots, the same tech can be used to make artificial limbs and organs. And a computer sophisticated enough to pass for human responses and fit inside a robot body would revolutionize every facet of life, from self-driving cars to Star Trek-like pdas.