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Originally Posted by SenorBeef View Post
I mean... Who is ordering the most technically ambitious game of all time in the hopes that their old hardware holds up forever?
Except that the Kickstarter gave a definitive release window that was blown past years ago.

In 2012, somebody backing the game could reasonably expect that he would be able to run it on a good 2014 rig, since that was when the game was supposed to be released.

Look, is Chris Roberts a development veteran-slash-genius who understands that ambitious games have 5-6 year development cycles? If so, then he lied to his backers when the Kickstarter was created because he knew the game wouldn't be done in 2014.

Or did he honestly believe he could deliver the game in 2014? If so, then he knows less than every SC fanboy on the internet who waves a hand and says "it's totally normal for game development to take this long, literally everybody knows that and should have known that from the moment they backed the game." And if that's the case, if he misunderstood such a fundamental concept, then he can't be much of a veteran-slash-genius.

We're into CS Lewis territory here. Either Chris Roberts is a fraud, delusional, or the messiah of gaming.

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