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Originally Posted by Morgenstern View Post
I'm afraid most of you will drive SamuelA off if you don't stop being so mean to him. He's Gulliver and we're all little Lilliputian brained players shaking sticks at modern technology. All he wants you to do is listen and learn.

A scientific renaissance is upon you and you mock him. No wonder the last one took 300 years to complete.
It's actually a bit annoying, as I am a fan of futurism, I like to think about what may lay down the road for our children, and maybe even ourselves.

The problem is is that there are two issues there, timeline and actual feasibility. Some of the technologies expressed may end up working out, some of them may not. We will not know until we try. And we will not know how long it will take for us to get to the point of trying until we get there.

The issue I have with Sammy here is not that he is a fan of future technologies, most of what he has predicted is conceivably possible, it is that he is very adamant that those technologies will emerge in the time and manner in which he states that makes his posts a bit on the insufferable side.

Well, that and the reliance on nanobots to fix everything.