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Originally Posted by LSLGuy View Post
IMO the world's billionaires, at least the techies, ARE looking towards inventing immortality. Given the lack of a full court press on the project, I conclude that they've decided, based on good advice from folks more expert than me, that the time is not yet ripe.
This is true, and we may not have the pre-requisites. The prerequisite for rockets that could reach the Moon was large scale manufacturing, large military industrial complex, reliable digital computers, liquid cryogenic fueled engines, and so forth. You might note that a bunch of that was rush-developed during ww2, if ww2 had not happened, the Apollo landings might have been 20 years later if ever.

It's quite possible that no amount of small scale graduate student + professor biomedical research will ever develop the understanding needed for this kind of manipulation of biology. Any more than a village full of blacksmiths can make the components for the Golden Gate matter how many years they have.

The reason is that all the findings are being made by separate human hands, each of whom sometimes screws up and thus creates false data. Different equipment and techniques. Then the data is published in basically a cryptographic code of a scientific paper, yet due to journal publication length requirements, critical information is often missing. Then you don't publish "negative" findings (even though such findings would reduce the uncertainty bands on a large scale machine learning system)

My above post proposes replacing all of it with machines and large scale, integrated efforts.