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Originally Posted by running coach View Post
How is it any more impossible than the crap you've been peddling?
Because it's real? Google it. Of course it's not ready for prime time, like any really promising biomed, but the idea works. Hundreds of experiments have been performed where it has been shown you can reset adult, "senescent" cells back to past states. If you get the growth factors right, you can move them forward down a particular differentiation path.

Your cells that are "old" are only old because a computer program written in base-4 (with some extra tags and forms of memory) has a high value in a counter*. If you set that counter to zero again, the cells will act "young" again. It's damn hard to do this for a lot of reasons, but this is essentially our best hypothesis about reality. The reason you age and die isn't because your cells are doing their best, it's because they are sabotaged right in their source code.

Why the fuck do you think dogs and cats get basically the same diseases as humans in a mere decade or 2 instead of needing 60-80 years to hit that point? Moron.

And to the mouth breather above : I have never said anything about any of this shit happening in "15 years" or any of that bullshit. I mentioned robotic movement maybe being superhuman in 10's basically superhuman already. All I have ever said is that this is where the trends are going and we really should be actively pushing them harder.

*it's not 1 counter, that hypothesis has been disproven, but the cells do have a state and that state can be reset.

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