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Originally Posted by k9bfriender View Post
I could say that about any of your futurism claims, from nanobots to redirecting asteroids. It's not just a matter of money, and it's not just a matter of research. Part of it is whether or not the universe actually works that way.
Ok. So what possible laws of physics could even exist that could allow our cells to work but prevent nanobots from working. Could allow nukes to detonate and rocket engines to work but prevent us from redirecting asteroids. Could allow a collection of machines running in saltwater reading an actually fairly short, for it's complexity, program encoded in base-4 to generate a sentient mind, but not let us copy that mind.

Do you see how implausible your claims are? I am not making a specific timeline claim, other than "probably under 300 years". I don't know when this tech will work out. We thought there might be flying cars in the 1990s. There weren't, but the idea hasn't been totally abandoned and there's actually a real possibility of some sort of automated aerial taxi service with all the advances we have today.

You're making a mental error in the opposite direction of what you claim I am.