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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
Ok, maybe we can finally get some convergence.

I am saying that from observable sub-processes in the brain (those signals), we can show that the physical matter is performing something that is similar enough to computation we understand that we can mimic it.
Ah -- "something that is similar enough to computation"! IOW, you're right as you always are, provided we redefine "computation" to mean some arbitrary thing that you just thought of, instead of what it actually means in computer science and cognitive science.

I'll remind you that this particular discussion goes back to here, where you claimed that the brain is just "thousands of physical computational circuits" and then doubled down on the stupid by claiming that all cognitive processes are computational, and apparently everybody knows that -- at least, everyone as brilliant as you fancy yourself. And then you started handing out homework assignments.

Turns out, you were wrong. As I repeatedly showed you, there is considerable controversy about whether even some of our mental processes are truly computational, and virtually no serious cognitive scientist believes that computational processes explain all of cognition. I happen to be a proponent of CTM, but it's based on its power to explain empirical cognitive phenomena and not on absurdly irrelevant arguments about "signaling" properties, which is like "here's something I just learned about in school, so I'm going to bloviate about it even though it has absolutely nothing to do with the discussion".