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I have no fondness whatsoever for the military, or its 'heroes', but this:
Originally Posted by WillFarnaby View Post
Anyone who joins the military does so because of ignorance, malice, or ambition. If they are ignorant at the beginning, I doubt they remain so, therefore they fall into the other two categories after awhile.
is just so spectacularly stupid that even I can't let it pass.

Most people who join the military do so because it's a paying job that they've been told will teach them skills for free while letting them help their country.

You could, in theory, argue that it requires ignorance to believe that being a member of the military helps the country. You can't possibly make a sane argument that wanting a paying job or free skills training is evil, and you can't make any sort of coherent argument whatsoever that malice or ambition has anything to do with it at all. That's just crazy.

Look, I don't think there's anything praiseworthy about being a soldier, but it's mouth-frothingly deranged to claim you have to be some kind of demon to want to be one. Stuff like that gives you so much credibility that if you told me it was sunny outside I'd grab an umbrella.