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Originally Posted by Chimera View Post
Perhaps your right wing echo chamber makes you think this is a deadly insult. God knows you people have spent 10 year or more trying to make it a swear word.

But "Liberal" is a label I wear proudly.
If you self-describe as a Liberal, not only was I not talking about you, I likely have more in common with you than you likely suspect.

Originally Posted by Tamerlane View Post
I'm fairly certain Derleth isn't on the right( though maybe I'm misremembering ). Regardless he is quite correct. The far left( Marxists in particular )do consider "liberal" to be an insult. I should know, I have some in the family . Here's a classic sarcastic example from Phil Ochs.
Right. Or, well, correct, although to a Burn The World Revolutionary Socialist, I am on the Right, politically, because I'm not a utopian, I'm not an idealist* or someone else who thinks that the world is spinning along a fore-ordained path made of either holy dogma or dialectical materialism. I want policies and governance, and I regard a revolutionary zeal as infantile, a way of dodging the hard problems of compromise and, more generally, dealing with people you disagree with peacefully. I'm a Progressive, in that I want accelerated social progress and do not view groups different from mine as inherently impure or dangerous, but I don't pretend to have a master plan and I certainly don't intend to follow anyone who claims to.

*(Another word some of the Extreme Left have turned into an insult. To be fair, calling something "idealist" was quite the grave insult in the USSR. Everything had to be practical and pragmatic. You know, like Lysenkoism.)

Of course, I'm an American. Most of the important infantile revolutionaries in my country are self-described Conservatives, right in the mold of Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich and the rest of the Conservative Movement.

(But in a broader historical sense, the entirety of the mainstream political spectrum in America is Liberal in the sense of broadly being Free Trade-ish Capitalist Republican, often with Welfare State characteristics, instead of Mercantilist Divine-Right Monarchist. The United States of America was founded on strong Liberal values, and the American Revolution was a Liberal revolution. Tell that to a self-described American Conservative today and you just might make their head explode.)

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As my Dad once explained to me: radicals want to free the slaves
... right into the gulag.