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There have been threads about this in the past, how do people feel about them now with the surge pricing, monthly cost increasing to $15 (up from $10) and the blackouts on new releases?

I'm considering switching to Sinemia. The elite plan for $10 offers 2 films a month, and includes 3D films ($7 for 2 films a month w/o 3D). I didn't like how moviepass doesn't include 3D.

Even with unlimited films on moviepass, I usually only watched about 2 films a month. There weren't enough films at the cinema that I felt it was worth going, even with the subscription service. Driving to the cinema, sitting through commercials, not being able to pause the film, etc. are all things that I do not have to deal with at home watching a movie. So a movie had to be halfway good for me to bother to watch it.

Are other people sticking with them? Cancelling? Using another streaming service?

Other than Moviepass, sinemia and the AMC stubs list, are there other options?
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