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I don't understand how MPs are thinking mid-to-long term. Utter incompetence isn't a satisfactory explanation. Why are both the Tory and Labour parties insisting on delivering Brexit at any cost? Why is a referendum suddenly a sacred thing when the outcome was 48.1% for one clearly-defined outcome and 51.9 were split among various paths for a nebulous concept of Brexit? I keep hearing that MPs could never face their electorate if they failed to deliver Brexit, but do they reckon they will be any better off once the UK crashes out with no deal, the economy contracts, and trade and tourism with the EU gets huge immediate roadblocks? Why does this Westminster decision take precedence over the feelings of the electorate in Scotland and Northern Ireland - does devolution only matter in unimportant things?

I'm expecting the UK to crash out with no deal, even though it's idiotic and would likely lead to real chaos in Ireland and Scotland. I can sort of sympathise with some of the thinking behind wanting to leave the EU - I left the EU myself - but the approach, expectations, and execution are completely cack-handed. It just looks like the MPs are trying to turn a hung parliament into a hanged parliament. Or maybe it's because all the decision-makers are coffin-dodgers ready to retire at the end of this parliament, or rich enough that they feel they won't be affected beyond being a slightly smaller fish in a much smaller pond.