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Well that exchange was hopefully illuminating to everyone reading. A simple "yes" or "no" answer to a very simple question was not forthcoming, for whatever reason. If I had to guess why, it'd be because "yes" is just factually indefensible (only 28% actually wants a hard brexit, which is very close to a familiar number...), while "no" completely undermines Quartz's point, as that's the most obvious meaning of "leave the EU", but not what we're talking about.

I'm forced to speculate, because he won't answer the question, but if he'd like to fill us in, he's welcome to. I'm not going to spend any more time trying to understand his position. I mean, maybe he just hasn't given it much thought - in that case, it's fair to admit that as well.

That whole exchange is kinda funny, right? Now here's the scary part: somehow, a substantial number of elected officials are operating at that level, to the point where "brexit means brexit" was May's slogan for quite a while. It's an asinine slogan, and it was clear that it was an asinine slogan two and a half years ago:

Mrs May's slogans, on the other hand, seem firm and unambiguous, but after a little reflection unravel into a world of trouble ahead.

She rises from the ashes of the defeat of her side in the referendum, but how she copes with its implications will determine her success or failure in No 10.

"Brexit means Brexit," does mean of course, that she will take the UK out of the EU.

About the only thing she said about the whole central matter in her Birmingham speech launching her campaign was: "There will be no attempts to remain inside the EU, no attempts to rejoin it by the back door, and no second referendum.

"The country voted to leave the European Union, and as prime minister I will make sure that we leave the European Union."

While there are many outside Westminster who will be furious (disMayed, even) at that, few inside the Palace can conceive of anything else. MPs will at least now debate the matter, as a sort of consolation prize.

But the manner of withdrawal, and the subsequent relationship, is up for grabs.
It boggles the mind that people find this shit convincing, but that's where we are. This is why I think the smart money is on a no-deal brexit. And, for what it's worth, the EU seems to think that as well, as, according to this extremely unreputable source, they're preparing to help supply UK food banks with aid in the case of a no-deal brexit.

Now, the only source I can find for this claim is the Express, which means that I don't have a source anyone can even remotely take seriously, but even assuming this is all pure hooey, just take a look at how they're framing this, holy shit!

The headline is "EU BLACKMAIL: Brussels threatens FOOD AID to UK in 'last throw of dice of Project Fear'"

That sounds really scary, right? Like the EU is going to take away food aid if the UK leaves? Well, here's the sub-header.

"THE EU is planning to send food aid to feed Britain’s poor in the event of a no deal Brexit, sources in Brussels have revealed."

"How dare that dastardly EU feed our poor?!" crows the Express, screeching from its offices (which, at this point, I have to assume are made out of the bones of orphans).

I wish this whole thing could be funny. Because that's just objectively funny, right? But it's a bit like making jokes about life in the aftermath of nuclear war if the Russians pledged to nuke Washington in 30 days if their demands for a free unicorn for every citizen aren't met - the whole thing has this dark, nasty undertone to it, because a whole lot of people are going to suffer as a result. It's gallows humor, and the bitter aftertaste comes mostly from the knowledge that there's no fucking benefit to it, the UK could stop any time it wants, but seems insistent to jump headlong onto that landmine. It all comes down to a whole lot of people, particularly people in positions of power, being unforgivably stupid.

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