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Yes, probably it's more important for Golden State. I'm still going with the assumption that GS would be back to something like full strength for game 6 or 7, so Toronto's best chance is to win now. They probably have a better chance to win game 4 than game 6, and a better chance to win game 5 than game 7.

I'm also getting an impression that their injuries are making Golden State not take the Raptors quite so seriously as they should. There's a bit of "game 3 was a write-off without Klay, so we'll be fine when he's back" in some of their interviews. I remember in 2016 I didn't believe they'd really lose to Cleveland until the very end of game 7, and I can picture something similar here. It could be an even game tomorrow night, with everyone expecting the Warriors to go on one of their runs, but it doesn't happen and suddenly everyone realizing they might just be done for.