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Originally Posted by Ike Witt View Post
Earlier in the year Utah banned a fan for life for saying racist things directed at Russell Westbrook.

A lifetime ban for admittedly horrific racism, but only a year for actual physical contact, by someone who should know better? My guess is that if the guy hadn't been a part owner of the team, he'd be banned from NBA games for life.

It's a bullshit double standard, but ones many Americans seem to be okay with.
Originally Posted by Bullitt View Post
It's not just Americans, but it works that way in many countries. The Haves vs the Have Nots. It's human nature, really.
Originally Posted by RickJay View Post
When I saw the video of the shove, I was pretty surprised as what a light thing it was. The way people reacted - I didn't see it in real time - I thought he'd stood up and really SHOVED Lowry.

The punishment they've meted out is quite enough.
In light of the fact that a) this guy is an owner and 2) the precedent has been set for years, I disagree and think the punishment meted out is not enough. People are seeing this now through the lens of equality and fairness: Equal treatment means more than just a suspension.
Originally Posted by Tim Dahlberg
“A guy like that, showing his true class, he shouldn’t be a part of our league,” Lowry said. “There’s just no place for that.”

A lot of other people agree, including the very players who most nights ply their craft on a 94-by-50 foot piece of hardwood surrounded by thousands of fans crammed in as closely as can be.

They’re on display like in no other sport, close enough for fans to chat with them and close enough to touch. But that doesn’t mean cursing at them, and it doesn’t mean shoving them when they happen to come your way.

The average fan understands that, for the most part. That’s a big reason why there haven’t been more incidents over the years.

The fact a billionaire investor in the team couldn’t figure it out is baffling at best, sheer arrogance at worst. Fortunately, though, there is a solution.

Make the suspension indefinite. Force Stevens to sell his stake in the Warriors.

Make a statement with a punishment everyone will understand.
So the NBA really does have a chance to show the country that wrong is wrong and will not be tolerated... or they can show the country that enough money can buy you out of anything.

It's up to the NBA.