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I remember in 2016 I didn't believe they'd really lose to Cleveland until the very end of game 7, and I can picture something similar here. It could be an even game tomorrow night, with everyone expecting the Warriors to go on one of their runs, but it doesn't happen and suddenly everyone realizing they might just be done for.
I'm going to count this as a correct prediction. It went like I was picturing, and just like I said, I didn't really believe the Raps would win until about 2 minutes were left .

What I said before about the Warriors not taking the Raptors seriously wasn't phrased well. Psychologically I think it was in the back of their minds during game 3 that Klay was being saved for the rest of the series. I think it's hard not to let that sap your determination a little bit. Tonight, however, it sure looked like they just got beat. I wonder if resting Klay gave Steph such a big workload that it affected him tonight. Easy to say that in hindsight.