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I was on the edge of my seat for the first three quarters as I had placed a small wager on the Raptors, and was watching the game with my dad who is a huge Warriors fan which added an additional element of friendly competition. The Raptors were consistently on the spot with their passing game; even while the Warriors' defense consistently stonewalled them in the first half, I could not help but admire the execution of their plays as they shuffled the ball around. Then in the second half they started to push harder down the court, and that combined with the consistent stream of three-pointers was able to close the gap. The Warriors were unable to use all the fouls to their advantage, as well, and Curry seriously ran out of steam. The crowd, initially animated to the max, gradually became deflated as the doom of defeat wafted through the arena. I came away with a great admiration for VanVleet.