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Originally Posted by OttoDaFe View Post
There was a joke decades ago that if Guy Lombardo were ever to die, he'd take New Year's Eve with him. I strongly suspect that CFSG feels the same way about the entire universe: after all, it exists only to serve his needs wants whims and reflect his glory, right?
If he was Mormon I'd guess he was assuming he'd already gotten his own planet, but he doesn't even have that excuse.
Originally Posted by digs View Post
Do you really want to be as immature as he is? I cringe when people here have to stoop to using taunting nicknames for Trump (see that's bad enough... you can't get worse than calling him by the syllable that'll be spat out with derision for decades to come).
That's why after careful consideration I settled on Donnie Two-scoops as my usual epithet (occasionally I mix it up). It doesn't point out any physical deficiencies, his taste in make-up or women, or even his alleged (so far) high crimes and misdemeanors. Instead it points out how he is a child inhabiting a man's body.