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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
I dont think we need another thread on guns, in general, maybe we shoudl try to stay more on Democratic candidates and their stances?

Mea culpa too.
The OP asked about governors and members of Congress. The thread title asks about Democrats.

Wikipedia tells me there are 23 Dem governors, 235 Dem house representatives, and 45 Dem senators. It would be tedious, but one could, as bordelond suggested, check each one's individual stance to see if they self-identify as "pro-gun" or not. I suspect the end result would be a very short list of Dems elected to statewide or federal offices that self-identify as "pro-gun".

I think any organization that cared enough to actually rate politicians, like NRA / GOA / Everytown is going to be partisan enough on the issue to not really be trusted by the other side or moderates.