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Originally Posted by pkbites View Post
You didnít read my post, did you? McCain couldnít be trusted to maintain a steady platform of being pro-gun rights because of statements he made even in the face of pro-gun votes he made. He was unbalanced and couldnít be counted on. Just because he happened to make more pro-gun votes than Pelosi doesnít mean he deserved a better grade than her. He knocked his rating down doing and saying other things. There are several factors that are considered in those ratings. He simply wasnít the 2nd Amendment defender the left paints him as. GOA exposed him for what he was and it pisses you off. So you label GOA owners as extremists and fringe. Oh, yeah? At least we didnít roll over and play dead like the NRA does when it comes to compromising on our civil liberties.
Right. Manchin opposed a concealed carry bill in WV calling it "irresponsible" yet he still gets an A- rating from the NRA?

We've had the law for 3 years now and no increase in violence, no even anecdotal. The NRA just likes to pad their stats by backing winners. GOA actually goes behind the platitudes.