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Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
No, Martin wasn't committing any crimes while Zimmerman was pursuing him. That came later.
A summary of the evidence that Martin was committing aggression against Zimmerman would include that Martin punched Zimmerman in the face (evidence: marks on Martin's knuckles consistent with having punched someone, Zimmerman's facial injuries, lack of any damage to Martin apart from the single gunshot wound), Martin knocked Zimmerman down and sat on his chest bashing his head on the ground (evidence: lacerations to Zimmerman's head, grass stains and moisture on Zimmerman's back and Martin's knees, witness testimony stating that Martin was on top of Zimmerman),
That’s fine.

and that Martin did so because Zimmerman asked him "what are you doing around here" (evidence: Dee Dee's testimony on what she heard Martin and Zimmerman say to each other).
You are assuming Martin attacked Zimmerman because of a question?

Isn’t in more likely Martin attacked him because Zimmerman had been stalking Martin for some time before the encounter? Why was Zimmerman pursuing him? To arrest him? At least it was to harm him in some way. Zimmerman could have asked the question from many yards away when he first saw him from his vehicle.

Compare what the two were doing before Martin beat him up. Martin was being pursued by someone with intent to harm him. Zimmerman was pursuing Martin with intent to harm him in some way.

From Zimmerman's perspective, his reason to follow Martin was that there had been multiple break-ins in the neighborhood and at least one shooting, and Zimmerman was the neighborhood watch.
Unfortunately Zimmerman was wrong. He erred in his judgement of Martin. If Zimmerman has been pursuing someone who was committing break-ins, he would have been stalking him legitimately. He wasn’t stalking Martin legitimately.

The fact that humans can be wrong is why police are trained to not approach the situation the way Zimmerman did. Zimmerman must be held accountable for his error that resulted in Martin’s death.

If by "legitimate" you mean "legal", it is legal to follow someone and to ask what they are doing.
It is both legal and legitimate to defend yourself from someone wishing to do you harm. This we can agree with. Zimmerman meant to either arrest or kill Martin when he pursued him. Therefore he had intent to harm Martin. Martin was justified in attacking Zimmerman. If someone is stalking you with intent to harm you, when do you believe it is justified to defend yourself? When they pull out the gun?

Trials are about what's legal. Thus following somebody is legal, attacking them and smashing their head into the ground is not.

Arresting someone is not legal. Zimmerman was intending to arrest Martin. Martin defended himself from unlawful arrest. A killing that occurs during the commission of a felony (unlawful arrest here) is a felony murder.

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