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Originally Posted by minor7flat5 View Post
This is an IRS issue, yes? As such, you are at the mercy of their horrible phone queue and runaround, yes? For over a week.
And if you don't diligently jump through their hoops for ... a long time, you will be in trouble with the tax man.

Isn't this precisely the kind of situation that our congresspeople can help out with?

It seems that whenever I had a friend encounter some governmental bureaucracy indigestion, a call to their congressman seemed to sort it out post haste.
I agree, and FairyChatMom made the same suggestion. I'm not in the US, but here in Canada I've gone to the offices of both my federal and provincial member of Parliament to sort out two different issues with the federal and provincial governments respectively, both with excellent results. Never actually saw the Honorable Member himself/herself but the staff were extremely helpful. It's truly amazing how civil servants instantly change their attitude from "what you want is impossible, fuck you" to "certainly we can do what you need, no problem!" when they get a letter or fax from an elected official with power over them. You're not going to get anywhere if you're just whining and wasting their time, but if you have a good case (and sounds like you do, Typo Negative), you'll probably get results.