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It's time for my annual login to this site to discuss another new season of FU (season 6, since it's not specified in the thread title). New glitzy title sequence too.

Jan Reinder: I thought the rat trap trick was impressive. I want it to be more elaborate than "see-through blindfold." I don't think Penn would have been so coy if it was that hackneyed. Even if the traps were fake, Jan always found the empty spaces (and of course the handstand had to have been planned, so he didn't just "forget" one of the numbers). It seemed more acrobatic than magic, though.

Ondřej Pšenička: Previous fooler who got to decide his own fate tonight. I guess he was throwing a lot of tricks at them to throw them off the scent (what was the point of the beetles?). I don't think it's a coincidence that all the aces came up, so it must have been forced in some way. I thought it was very telling when Penn asked to see the cards, and Ondřej did something out of view (deck swap?). It doesn't feel like much of a mystery when he's literally looking through all the cards in the deck...twice.

Giancarlo Bernini: Wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. So judging from Penn's clues, the pen was the implemented device (one of those ones that remotely copy the pattern?). The phone was most likely swapped out of the bag. The platypus was a double. A clear reference to Shimshi (I'm not familiar with him). They didn't seem all that impressed although it was a fun one to watch.

Penn & Teller: The card trick seemed very ordinary, like something we've seen a dozen times on the show. I guess the novelty was David Copperfield judging them. He seemed to have all the elements but couldn't place them together, so they forced a "fool us" out of him. Kind of anticlimactic.

Poor Allison got tortured tonight, with the setting off of all the traps and getting a beetle crunched next to her ear.

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