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Someone keeps telling the post office that my mother has either moved without forwarding address or is temporarily absent. The post office will not let her look at these notices to see if she can figure out the writing. They will not tell her anything about them. So she has been spending an hour a day calling utilities, medical insurance companies, her bank, etc because she's not getting bills and notices. She was in tears this morning, as due to a delay in receiving her medical insurance bill, she was cut off. She managed to get it resolved, but she is over it all. I received a call from the power company at the cabin - the bill was returned and they had her old phone number. Her job today is to sit down and write out what all bills she receives and when every month (some are monthly, some are every other month, some semi-annually) and match up with her checkbook to see when last paid - basically devise a chart to know what to expect and when, so when she doesn't get the bill, she can be proactive.
Unfortunately, she is tech adverse and will not have bills emailed or pay any bills online.
I did also sign up for Informed Delivery from the post office, but if things are being returned automatically, I don't know what good it will do. I just really want to know who is doing this to an old lady.