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Originally Posted by Nava View Post
How old is she and how bad does it seem to be? The bad news is, she's autistic. The middle news is, that's actually a pretty wide diagnosis, kind of like "she needs glasses" in that this one covers a ton of people ranging from "can't count her own fingers without her glasses" to "really should put them on when driving on unknown roads". The good news is, having a diagnosis means it'll lbe easier to get access to help.
We don't know just yet. The ADOS test we did, plus the surveys I had to fill out, will assign her a level 1 through 3 that will describe the amount of support she needs, level 1 being the lowest amount needed and level 3 being the highest. The psychiatrist thinks she'll be around a level 2, based on how good a lot of her adaptive skills are with adults but her complete lack of skills when dealing with other children.

The best news we have is that she has responded really well to speech and occupational therapies. It seems that we are in a good position to get her all the skills she'll need to be successful. But it's a lot. And I live in the US so we get to pay for all this. And it's expensive.

My husband is still in denial. He's upset because, instead of saying "your child meets the criteria for autism" the psychiatrist said "I think your child meets the criteria for autism." I tried to explain to him that she wouldn't even say that if she wasn't actually sure and that women, myself included, often to try to soften the blow of their professional judgement when giving bad news.

I'm just trying to remember that our child is different, not less. She really is a sweet kid and so very smart. This didn't change her. It's not the end of the world. It is not a death sentence. But my brain is being dumb.