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Originally Posted by cluck View Post
1. Javi Benitez - Close-up string magic. He kept saying at various points that he didn't want to "touch" the gypsy thread, yet at one point he grabs a bunch of pieces and tucks them into Allison's hand, so it seems like a simple sleight of hand.
Not sure about the details but he definitely throws something into the batch of string pieces, I assume an uncut string.

2. Rebecca Herrera - Pulling numbers out of thin air. Did the sound of the blocks give it away, or was she concealing a device that wouldn't set off a metal detector? Would she be able to be signaled by an off-camera audience member or is that against the rules? I'm actually interested in learning more about this one.
I'm sure the music playing during the trance told her the numbers.

3. Helen Coghlan - Chained behind a screen. Is it possible one of the assistants slipped a key into her hand and then she rattled around some chains in an attempt to buy time and make it seem more convincing? I don't know how else it could have been done. The screen was large but I think it was meant as a misdirect. Also, as soon as she's covered, you can see something poking through the screen...what was that?
Definitely something happening as soon as the enclosure is put around her, I assume her elbow poking into the material, but maybe that's misdirection. The key is the unnecessary time the assistants spend blocked by the enclosure. Not sure how that qualifies as no one ever being in the enclosure with her. Did they just hand her something? If they put a key in her left hand she might be able to jam it into the loop around the bar and then get her wrist over to unlock that hand. At the same time her right elbow is poking into the screen. Easy to get the other lock after freeing one hand.

4. Danny Cole - Tie and hanger magic, plus flying invisible chairs. I didn't understand Penn's double-speak, was he suggesting that Danny was miming all the chair stuff? I thought it was quite fun and looked impressive.
Not sure what Penn's talking about, but I assume this is usually done with a lot of rigging. Using cleats on shoes to hook into the floor has become common for his sitting and leaning routine. Something moves the chair initially, after that it could all be him. Pretty well done though.

5. Penn & Teller - Silent magic of Penn Jillette. This trick actually creeped me out because I could tell there was something wrong with how Penn looked. Then near the end of the restoration, Penn's red fingernail disappeared (in another shot, you can see it fell on the floor). At that point, it was obvious what the reveal would be. Very Mission:Impossible-esque.
I didn't catch the face but I knew those hands would turn out to be Teller's.

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