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Originally Posted by TriPolar View Post
Her advantage is having unique tricks to perform that she and her dad made up. Any trick that's ever been written down or told or sold or taught or shared is easy for P&T to catch, but if it's a newly created effect they can be fooled, even without much showmanship or other skills.
And showmanship and presentation count. Check out Mathieu Bich, who invented his own trick(including, I think, making the cards). In this trick, he:

- presents it beautifully
- anticipates Penn and Teller's guess and messes with them
- gets a genuine standing ovation from Teller, a true honor

It's a great trick called Spreadwave and he sells it. His newest version can do all 52 cards instead of being limited.

It's one of the great fooling moments of the show and also fits into the category of "totally fooled them" instead of getting them to guess slightly wrong.

Matthieu Bich fools P&T.