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Originally Posted by cluck View Post

Jandro: LEGO my card-o. This was a lot of fun, not least because Penn got to wield a bat. Whatever Jandro's hand was doing inside the clay, he was clearly buying time with a lot of banter. Like the previous trick, I have no idea how it was done but it was a pleasure to behold. The only thing I can think is that there was a bottom compartment to the alarmed box, but still, how could he slide a 2 of diamonds in there without seeing the card (or handling it after the fact)? I think Penn was so overjoyed by the pure illusion that he had to award it immediately because it might have started to fall apart under further consideration.
He spent a lot of time with the banter. I think was what he needed to select the card somehow under his jacket. Pulling his 'Magic Wand' out of his back pocket was an ideal way to have a mechanism send that card down his sleeve. Still seems complicated. I do wonder if the whole card selection and feed mechanism was in the table, or even the bottom of the Lego box.

It did look like Teller wasn't ready to give up right away though. I saw he had his eyes on the guys arm in the Legos the whole time, even when he pulled out that bat and tried other misdirection moves.

As I write this the card selection mechanism in the table or the bottom of the box sounds much simpler and cleaner.