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Originally Posted by Dingbang View Post
Jandro: Since there were no face cards involved, that left 36 choices. He has them concealed and sorted by suit. By asking Teller if he wants this suit or that suit, he is able to eliminate each unneeded suit until he is left with only one suit of nine cards. He uses a lot of patter and jokes to give him time to go through the nine cards, presumably marked in a tactile way that makes it possible for him to find the selected card. The clay is not sealed on one end. When the clay covered box was brought out, it was clear that one end had been open and only roughly squeezed shut, not closed in a uniform or smooth way like the rest of the clay. So with the one end of the clay open, he can take the selected card, slide it into the box through a narrow gap at the seam of the box corner facing the open clay edge, and squeeze the clay end closed. The box did not have trap doors and was actually locked, but a gap small enough to slide a single card would not be immediately noticeable. P&T did not examine the box closely or look inspect the card for markings before awarding the prize.
You made this even simpler. He could have the entire deck of cards in his hand to start with, attached to a device in his sleeve, he selects the one card out of the deck, the rest of the deck goes up his sleeve. The clay and the box and the lock and the alarm are nothing, we know they were all open initially until he slides the card in.