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Originally Posted by aceplace57 View Post
I'm impressed by the size of the props. That big cactus wasn't manipulated by slight of hand.
The wine would easily spill if manipulated. I wish the magician had taken a sip to prove their really was liquid in that glass.
I don't know how he got that stuff in the box.
I considered the box was preloaded off stage, but the box isn't big enough to hold all the props at one time.
I doubt a trick box with a mirror/divider would fool Penn & Teller. They didn't even use their one guess.
Several observations I had that have not been mentioned...

The magician seems to be making some sort of hand movements around the box each time...

As for the stuffed animal/brush/cactus...

The question... "Does Allyson see anything from behind that she does not comment on?" She clearly does not bother to look at the back of the box as she changes sides... So could not comment.

He clearly makes a move- and moves something between the box and the back of his suit- SOMETHING is visible- as he says... "you're sure about this...?"

And then at this point... The CACTUS and it's big square planter- seem so tall... Where would Allyson have had ROOM to reach down...

But the bottom of the planter/box is so BIG- and probably HOLLOW- it could have something *INSIDE* it- (the "teddy bear" and or "hair brush.")

And during the "grapes and grass"/wine glass part... his hand is definitely behind the box doing SOMETHING- the box JIGGLES a LOT! (Just as he says, "take your hand out...")

Still an amazing and entertaining trick...
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