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This doesn't sound like good news at all to me. Based on the article, no evidence of actual plagiarism was found. They didn't prove that they had even heard the song before, let alone that they copied it. No, the jury just thought the music "sounded similar." Music sounds similar to other music all the time, and laypeople are remarkably bad at being able to even tell if they actually are similar.

And, for goodness sake, they're finding people liable who would have had nothing to do with making that part of the music. Even if the melody was directly copied, the lyricist wouldn't know that, for example.

Plus, if you know anything about writing music, then you know that part of how it works is that your brain remembers music you've heard before, but combines it in new ways. I literally just got through watching a video about how Koji Kondo, the composer for Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda,got his influences. And there are some songs that sound similar to pieces of the SMB or Zelda themes. It was unmistakable, but no one who knows anything about music would call it plagiarism.

This trend isn't helpful to the little guy, who almost wasn't even harmed by this in any way. It really does seem to be trying to copyright the basic building blocks of music. It's a very worrying trend.

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