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Originally Posted by Gorsnak View Post
The melody for two bars is similar (not identical). Well, it's actually not even the melody. It's a synth riff underlying a rap in the one case. The rap doesn't have a proper melody. Dark Horse does. You could go through every song released in the last 10 years and I doubt you could find a single one that doesn't have two bars of its melody that are similar to at least one other song.

These two songs are less similar to each other than every song in the infamous "Pachabel rant" video is to every other song in that video.

I'm not a musician, I have no idea of bars or which notes are which or anything like that, but when I hear the base music for the Flame song, I absolutely recognize it as Dark Horse. I don't think it's any other Katy Perry song, or any other song from anybody else. I'm absolutely, 100% recognizing it as the intro for Dark Horse.