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Originally Posted by Go_Arachnid_Laser View Post

I'm not a musician, I have no idea of bars or which notes are which or anything like that, but when I hear the base music for the Flame song, I absolutely recognize it as Dark Horse. I don't think it's any other Katy Perry song, or any other song from anybody else. I'm absolutely, 100% recognizing it as the intro for Dark Horse.
My bold. This is the problem. It’s a bit like accusing Ferrari of copying Lamborghini because they both make red cars and somebody who’s “not a car person” thinks they look the same.

If every song had to be completely unique and not sound anything like another song, the entire music industry would grind to a halt. Blues would have been still-born. There are only 12 notes, there are many ways they can be put together but the number of ways they can be put together and sound “musical” is relatively limited.