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Originally Posted by Snowboarder Bo View Post
Howdy! I'm a musician and songwriter. I'm also an ASCAP member. And I think this is a good decision. I'm pleased that the court found everyone involved liable; they all profited from the illegal plagiarizing, after all.
So am I, I am also a ASCAP member and publisher. and I also am a part owner of a record label. This is bad news IMHO. If the burden of proof isn't there that it was directly plagiarized, then any bozo that I have never heard of can sue me because I have a song that goes from minor to major to minor to major for example. Most lay people have a hard time detecting a specific key, but they can pick out a minor or a seventh pretty easy from a major.

I am in a band that is represented by my own label (we do other bands too) but what is to stop someone that had a song is 1963 that nobody heard of that goes Am C9 Dsustained2 G Major from suing me when I have a song that goes in a similar arrangement, albeit different keys?

Or even the same chords? They sound like complicated chords to the average joe, but any half rate guitarist is well versed in these so called "cowboy chords" because they are easy to hop around on each other. Most of our country acts know seven chords, they just move a capo up and down the neck to keep the album from sounding like the same long song.

The only people winning here are lawyers.
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