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DrDeth, what most people call patatas bravas... well. It's pretty watered-down. I've even encountered people who called "brava" a sauce which was a mixture of pot-mayo and ketchup. I happened to be part of the first taste-test group (they were invented by a bar-owner in my hometown in the summer of 1984); while they certainly wouldn't be considered extremely spicy by any mexican, they were a lot zingier than most of what people serve.
I think you owe Dr_Paprika a huge apology!

We visited Spain a few years ago and that was my first experience with patatas bravas. We liked them so much, we've made them several times since. I don't know the recipe we've settled on off the top of my head, but it's quite a bit of paprika (we grow and dry our own paprika peppers, along with a dozen more varieties of peppers). So good!